How My Beauty Regime Changed Once I Became A Momma

Beauty - Pre V Post Baby

Fashion and beauty evolves with the times, so it’s no surprise women’s technique for applying it does too. I have personally gone through more make-up and beauty phases than I can remember. From over dramatic winged eye liner, smokey eyes, neutrals, all about that glow, a matte face, and so many more. Right now I have shifted to what I call “The Mommy Make-Up Face”, which is basically whatever I can get on in 5-10 minutes. Let’s face it, time and quietness is no longer a part of my life and most of my make up routine is done while my son is in a good mood or wherever he is playing at the moment. Fun right? That gorgeous vanity I wanted for so long rarely gets sat at ūüôĀ¬†

Shift in Beauty Regime

My attitude toward make-up has changed drastically. I went from “full face cake” to “all about that skin“. I am 28 years old and I just started using skin care. I know, I know, totally late in the game but I think I still have a shot of saving my skin for a very long time.¬†

Because having an 8-month old takes up all of my time, I go without make-up most of my days. Nice, healthy, clear skin helps me feel more put together and refreshed, even though I am exhausted all. the. time. Prepping my skin with my holy grail skin care is a must everyday, especially before I slap on some face paint. I share my skincare products as I share My Morning Routine. Go on, check out my new morning routines as a mom. ♥

Holy Grail Beauty Products

Once I am ready to put my make-up on, it stays very minimal. I still love to get done up for a date night or for special occasions, but for that every day make-up, I only use 5 products. These 5 products are my go-to’s, my loves, they are what I rely on to keep me looking alive.

Beauty - Current Products
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid (NC 40)
  • Make-up Forever Tinted Moisturizer (Golden Honey)
  • Kevin Aucoin – Etherealist Super Natural Concealer (Medium 5)
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow (Dark Brown)
  • Lancome Eyebrow Gel (Sourcils Styler – 03 Brun )
  • Bite Multi-Stick (Brioche)

Bonus: Burt’s Bee Chapstick – which is always in my purse!

Okay, don’t scold me, I know there are 6 products up there and I said I only use 5, but that is because I don’t wear foundation AND tinted moisturizer together. I switch them on and off. When I feel like my face needs a little more coverage, I use foundation, and when my skin is having a good day, I go for my moisturizer. It all depends on how my face wakes up. No matter what, I always wear concealer and eyebrows are MANDATORY.

Bite Multi-Stick = My New LOVE

My Bite multi-stick is my new love. I picked it up at this past Spring Sephora VIB sale thanks to the influence of It is the perfect product for any mom or busy body in general! I use it on my cheeks for a pop of color, on my lips for a little pout and if I am feeling extra cute, I add a tiny bit to my eye lids for color, and shine. My bonus product, chapstick! Where I live it’s dry and the cause of many cracked lips. ¬†Keep those lips moisturized girls, trust me. The guys prefer it and your lips are always lipliner and lipstick ready. You can’t do a cute lip over cracked dry lips can you? Nope, didn’t think so!¬†

Water, Water, Water!

Finally, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t bring how important diet is to your skin and your beauty. We should all maintain a healthy diet so our bodies can be fit to keep up with our little demons and all their energy. It is also important for our skin. In my case, too much greasy food always results in more pimples on the worst possible days. Water has been my best friend lately. After I gave birth and was cleared for working out, I quickly increased my water intake to help get rid of toxins, greasiness from my pre baby eating habits and just all that everyday gunk. I truly believe changing my eating habits has helped my skin. Now I am not a health blogger or influencer, so I can only write about what has worked for me. But come on, will it kill you to eat a little better and stay hydrated with some h2o?¬†

That’s it! I love only using 5 products for my everyday make-up. It is simple, polished, and quick! Comment down below any of your favorite multi-use products or just your holy grail, I would love to hear them! ‚ô•

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