Growing Up Mexican: Food Traditions

Family Traditions - Fried Egg Tostadas

Every week I sit down and try to think of recipe ideas, food inspirations and I can’t help but reminisce about all the meals, and snacks I used to enjoy growing up. All my food traditions. As I am thinking, I realized my mom was one creative lady.

“Momma made miracles every Thanksgiving”- Tupac, Dear Mama 

I really just wanted to quote Tupac. He knew how to appreciate his momma. But really, some snacks and meals would often be created out of necessity. Meaning my parents were immigrants and worked hard to make sure the priorities were taken care of first. A roof, heat, water.  This meant that food would take second place. Now don’t go feeling sorry or pity for me, my parents made sure we always ate. There were and are other families who are, unfortunately, in more difficult circumstances than we were. Our meals just weren’t as luxurious as other families. It meant sometimes eggs would be breakfast, lunch and dinner. It can be said that eggs were an important ingredient as I was growing up. But instead of hating them because I ate them so much, I actually love them! They are cheap to buy in bulk, nutritious, and basically have endless dish possibilities.


My favorite way to eat eggs, fried of course. Something about a crispy but runny egg that just gets me excited. Over a homemade tostada (crunchy tortilla) topped with sour cream and tons of hot sauce = fried egg perfection. If you have a piece of ham, that’s a plus. Here is how it would go: crunchy tortilla, fried ham, fried egg, drizzle of sour cream and tons of hot sauce. You want to get fancy, garnish with green onion. Wham bam thank you ma’m. 

Food Traditions - Fried Egg Tostada


How would we turn these into meals? Breakfast was simple. Just stuff your face with 2 or 3 of them.  That’s what I would do. As for dinner, one word: rice. Mexican rice to be exact. Chances are any Mexican household will always have rice, beans and tomatoes in the kitchen. Rice and beans are not only food traditions but they are basically their own food group in hispanic culture. My son could live off rice and beans if I let him and he just turned 12 months. That little bugger. ♥


All in all, I had tons of food traditions growing up. Some less luxurious than homemade tostadas. Sometimes it’s the simplest stick with you and the ones you find the most delicious. I am a believer on less is more (at times) in almost any scenario, food included. 

I plan to share a few more snacks and meals of my childhood. Hey, you never know when you’ll be in a pickle or when you will be in the mood for some tostadas. If you are keen on learning about more Mexican culture foods, check out my Bolillo Desserts. I guarantee you won’t see many articles/recipes on these suckers. You can also check out good ol’ traditional Gorditas de Canela y Azucar. Nom Nom ♥

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