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About Me - Baby and I

Hi there! I’m a new stay-at-home mommy looking to survive the all the changes life has brought to me. 2018 gifted me my beautiful baby boy and a new home. This all, however, led to my departure of the corporate world and my job.  For a girl who has worked away from home her entire life, being home 24/7 had been, well, challenging. I can’t begin to tell you how many days I nearly go crazy, but there are two things that keep me sane. Family and food. This led me to my next adventure, a food blog! Now please bare with me, I am 100% new at all this amazing madness you call the blogging world. Rookie I am, learn I shall. 


My main reason for creating this blog was mainly for my self esteem. After the birth of my son, so many emotions rushed through me. The baby blues is real you guys. Thankfully it never went passed just the blues but I never thought I would begin to feel as useless and stressed out as I was being a new mom and having absolutely no idea what I was doing. Losing my income and talking about savings and downsizing bills only made it worse. The only purpose I knew was gone. Little did I know I had a new purpose, being the best mommy and wife I can be.

So on New Years Eve 2018 I made my new years resolution. Work on the best me possible and share my experiences with the world. My blog will focus on how I maintain my sanity through food. I will take you through my kitchen endeavors as I share my traditional Mexican dishes. I also plan on throwing in some thoughts, healthy snacks (working on that post baby bod), and my year adventures. 

In all honesty, this journey may be all over the place, but I promise to make it as interesting as possible. 

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